July 25th, 1998, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

The Northern Cruisers is actually the local car club to which I claim membership, although I've been horribly inactive the past couple years. For a small club, they put on one heck of a show however. This years event turned up around 140 cars and trucks, and set a new attendance record for spectators as well. As this is an Edsel web site, I try to make sure to cover Edsels at these events, and this year was a piece o' cake, as mine was the only one there, so include TWO pictures! One with two beautiful models!

The past few years, the show has been held on the lot at Swansons Motor Mall, Grand Rapids, Minnesota's GM dealership. Hats off to Pete Peterson and the rest of the Swansons crew for knocking themselves out to make the Cruisers welcome, and for clearing their lots and letting us take over for the day. The club, participants, and attendees all really appreciate their efforts. The only complaint I can come up with is, it's a drag to roam around on hot tar all day in the sun, although one could seek refuge from the heat in their showroom!

One interesting diversion was the appearance of Mercedes (not the car..the model) who showed up with her husband/photographer to shoot some photos for her very popular "Legs-Stockings-Garters" web site. (See photo below!!) Sure piqued the curiosity of many participants and spectators alike.

On to the photos. Most printed without comment, as-- well, they're pretty self explanatory, besides, I've already forgotten which cars belong to who, and unless it's an Edsel I don't know what year it is anyway! Comments added as needed.


First things first. The only Edsel on hand. Mine. Shown above with my glamorous wife, Ronna, and my daughter Stacia. People were shocked that they were sitting on the car! Why not? If it can't take sitting on it, it must be a pretty wimpy car, right! (Besides, I forgot the lawn chairs).

Every time I tried to snap a pictures of this car, the owner got out of the picture. I was trying to show cars with actual HUMANS in the pictures too. This is the yellowist car I've ever seen!

Can you tell my son Ryan likes GTO's? Good choice, I guess, but it's no EDSEL!

Yup. What I call a couple Hot Rods.

This job, with the wave on the sides, also has a couple neat surfers painted on it riding the wave. See detail below. Cowabunga, dude!

Here's kind of an overview. Can't see the cars 'round the corner to the left, the dozens off to my immediate left, or those that spilled over into the Montavon Motors lot next door (who were gracious enough to give up some lot space for the show too)

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