Daffy & Mel

The Two Greatest Names in Show Business TOGETHER!

Hard to believe but TRUE! In 1988 Daffy & Mel worked together in the Warners Brothers short "Night of the Living Duck""

In their big scsne together, Daffy is playing the role of a night club entertainer and must entertain all the famous monsters of filmdom. If he "dies" in front of this crowd, he really DIES! Luckily for our hero, Daffy atomizes his throat with a spray called "Eau de Torme'" which gives him the voice of the Velvet Fog himself, and he proceeds to serenade Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein! Such fine show biz moments are indeed RARE!

We should all take a moment to remember the two greatest MEL'S in the history of entertainment! Mel Blanc and Mel Torme'.

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