Graduation 2002

This page will really be boring to my daughter, but it's the photo technics that really matter anyway, right? All photos taken on Ekfe 25 in an Argus F4 camera, indoor shots lighted with Press 25 flashbulbs (impressing the youngsters who had never seen or experienced a flashbulb before). First two shots are simply people finding food. In the top shot my daughter is the honoree, her name is Stacia. She's right in the middle.

That's my son on the far left, and my boss on the far right.

Mom and daughter

This was a wierd shot. Horribly overexposed (gotta remember the power of those darn bulbs) and the only way I could scan it with ANY detail at all (it was a practically black negative) was to scan it as color film with exposure at full blast and then I decided it looked kinda neat in the red tones, so I left it that way.

This is an example of what can happen when the photographer simply forgets to focus the camera. I was about 15 feet away with the camera on 6 feet. The "sharpen" or more accurately "unsharp mask" in my software made this shot acceptable. Daughter Stacia on the right, her friend Courtney on the left.

So there ya have it. Graduation by F4.

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