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Here's the Hepcat's collection of Grooviest links ever

Music Links

Sha Na Na Home Page

Bear Family Records (Great, rare re-issue label)

What would life be without an Elvis link

Sundazed Records, a super cool 60's re-issue label.

Be Bop a Lula over to the Gene Vincent site

Check up on the goings on with the greatest 60's garage band ever, the Kingsmen

Rockabilly! Sandra Weinhardt: Tired of Toein' the Line. "Sometimes when the reckless years end, something's left to save."

Fellow Record Collectors may find the Record Collecting Resource helpful.

Guitar players and musicians, don't miss Fender World (sounds like a theme park).

Del Fi Records
This one takes you to the vaults of Del Fi Records. Very colorful.

The Blue Suede News
A magazine dedicated to "American Roots Music."

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum
If you can't get there anytime soon in person, this'll womp ya right in!

Bob Hume - Rockabilly DJ in Australia

Radio Rumpus Room - Garage/Surf/Punk/Hotrod Radio Show on KFAI-FM in Minneapolis. I built their first studio in 1975, and was on the air for the first time on this community station.

This Day in Rock and Roll History

Automotive Links

Alan's Edsel Page - Alan Fasick also maintains an Edsel page on the Internet.

Franks Land Yacht Marina

Mel Klimas' site: The Big Blue Car - Leadsled Mercs and Kustoms on the Web

Here's a personally autographed Big Daddy Roth original featuring Ratfink® in an EDSEL!
(Click on the little one for the full 222K picture)
(By the way - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT STEALING THIS! Ratfink® is copyrighted, trademarked and registered, and you'd be in SOO much trouble..... I GOT PERMISSION!)

Other Links

Batman Site - Zowie, Kerplunk, Biff and Bam!

Drag City U.S.A. - This site examines the whole surfing lifestyle: music, cars and waves!

Clog Lovers Worldwide
This really IS interesting.

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