In this corner......

...the Governor of Minnesota


Jesse..the Early Years


Jesse with his tag team partner, Adrian "Golden Boy" Adonis

(Note they are wearing the tag team champs belts)


It's Jesse and Adrian in a tag team match with Greg Gagne and The Crusher

(Jesse in the headlock)

The Inaugural Ball "The Peoples Celebration"

Yes, my lovely wife and I attended the Inaugural Ball. I did manage to take a few photos, however, NO ONE but heavily authorized and cleared media persons were allowed to bring anything into the Target Center resembling "professional" camera equipment. So I passed myself of as a regular guy rather than the photo nut I am, and managed a few shots with "consumer" level gear. Enjoy.

Rather large crowd PACKED the Target Center. University of Minnesota marching Band on Stage.

"America" was an unannounced surprise act. They performed "A Horse With No Name" dedicated to our First Lady, Terry Ventura (who runs her own horse ranch) and of course their big hit "Ventura Highway". Wonder how they thought of THAT?!?

The Governor join Warren Zevon on stage to sing "Werewolves of London" and promptly made up plenty of his own lyrics. Yes, that IS the Governor in the purple bandana, shades and boa!

Looks rather fetching in the Jimi Hendricks T-Shirt, don't you think!


Here in Minnesota, we have a tradition where the Governor opens the fishing season at some community known for it's fine fishing. Well, Grand Rapids was the city chosen for this event this year, and the crowds and media landed in town in a big way. I did manage to get a few photos from the Community Bar B Que held for the Governor in the center of town.

Governor Ventura arrived in this Pontiac GTO, escorted by members of the Northern Cruisers Car Club (That's his hand waving out the passengers window). I did get a nice pic of the Gov by the car, but in learning to operate a new digital camera managed to delete it!

Quite a few folks gathered to hear the Governor speak to the masses.

Media from around the State was on hand with their satellite trucks.

To help raise funds to pay for the big shindig, Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce raffled off a swell pontoon boat and motor. They had a few tickets to sell before the drawing, and enlisted the help of the Grand Rapids High School cheerleaders to canvass the crowd and move a few more tickets. OK, I bought one. Who can resist buying a raffle ticket from a cheerleader?

As you may know, Governor Ventura abandoned the Reform Party after the various factions started an internal war, and he started the Minnesota Independence Party, a party that is planning to have a Presidential candidate in 2004. Learn about the new party by clicking on the spiffy logo below, then help the PEOPLE take BACK our COUNTRY!

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