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Remember to E-mail me photos of your car or interesting Edsel items to add to the scrapbook.

Ritchie Cockerline of Hudson Hew Hampshire sends along this snapshot of his '58 Edsel Roadster! He writes "It started out as a 4 door pacer. It now has a custom made frame, 302 eng, C4 trans w/teltouch shift. It has been narrowed 8 inches between the tail lights 13 inches at the new firewall the doors are the back doors of the 4dr"

We all knew someone would have to give an Edsel the "Lead Sled" treatment, and here's one from Mark and Car'issa Karol who write: Here it is! It will not be long before the Sledsel is prowling the steets of the Denver Metro area. All work has been done by myself outside. I have no garage you see. Soon it will be painted Saphron Pearl, will sport wide whitewall tires and Lincoln hubcaps. A custom interior which will feature vintage 50's cloth insets. I have wanted an Edsel since I was 9 years old. I am 33 at this time. So enjoy and watch for another picture soon"

Here's a nice Canadian built Edsel owned by John and Deborah Slute of Whitby, Ontario, Canada. there are only 9 Canadian built Citations known to exist in Canada. John, thanks for sending the photo!

REceived this note and following photos:

Hey Hepcat!

My name is Jamio, and here is my mild custom ride. It's a Ultra rare 2door Edsel Corsair Hardtop. Car was in superb original granny condition when purchased. Every part is in good/great condition, right down to the Edsel water bag. Rare optioned 361 Super Express v8 rebuilt .30 over with RV2 cam, dual exhaust, skirts, 3spd auto. Dumped 3 in back, 2 in front. Custom Leapord print interior, 59 Caddy lenses, and custom tiki themed tribal scallop job by your truly. Purists keep your shirts on, the car can be returned to stock very easily. Much love to my car club, the SUICIDE KINGS, NorCal and the love of my life, my girl Miss Fortune Photos below!

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