The 828 Experiment

Well, I had to try it. I was told that one could take a roll of 120 film, saw it off with a jigsaw 35mm down from the top end, re-spool the film onto an 828 spool and it would work in an 828 camera. Guess what? It works. the followping photos are proof positive. Note that all I had laying around to experiment with was a roll of T-Max 100 that expired about 4 years ago that had been sitting in a junk drawer in my office. The negatives appear to be quite under-exposed, be it from my poor exposure guestimations, or old film is hard to say. Developed in HC-110 Dilution "B" for 7 minutes at 68 degrees. Yes, there was a bit of light leakage along the top edge of the film from the sawing/respooling proceedure, but that part of the film edge won't show in my scanner anyway, since an 828 frame is just a bit bigger than 35mm, and my scanner takes up to 35mm frame sizes, so it worked out fine. Oh..the camera was a Kodak Flash Bantam with the 4.5 lens, and darn if it ain't a real sharp hunk o' glass. Have a look at the following somewhat large photos and comments as needed.

My favorite out of the bunch (may as well start off with the good stuff)

My car parked at the KMFY-FM radio transmitter, where I do engineering work.

Same bridge as above, new angle.

Someone had this unique "ornament" in their yard. son preparing to fish.

Daughter by her fancy foreign car (the brand of which I can't spell)

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