Welcome to my little spot on the web where I offer up a serving of subminiature photography. My submini work thus far includes Minolta 16mm cameras, Minox cameras using 9mm film, toy "Hit" cameras, and yes....half frame 35mm counts as sub-mini. Below is a directory of pages contained herein. Hopefully you'll find something amusing, maybe even useful, and perhaps inspire you to join the world of Subminiature Photography.

What Do These Cameras Look Like?

Photos below show three of the submini cameras in my collection. House key is included in the photos to give you some size perspective.

My favorite in the Minolta line. This is the 16-MG. Has match needle metering, built in close up lens and lens cover. F: 2.8 lens, shutter from 1/30 to 1/250th. Uses the 16mm film cassettes. This is the model I've had since the early 1970's. For the Minoltas no film is commercially available, so one must respool movie film, or slit 35mm film down to 16mm size to fit the cassettes, plus one must develop their own film, unless you can find an understanding lab that will work with you.

This is the Minolta 16 II. Uses the same film as the MG, no metering, and the dials on the side set the shutter and aperture. This one is beautiful, but the shutter is only working at 1/500, so haven't actually used it yet.

My current favorite submini model, the Minox B. Has built in meter, uses 9mm Minox film. Best thing I like about the Minox is I don't have to load my own film cassettes, as film is readily available from MPL, as well as Minox dealers around the world. Plus, processing is available too, so when I don't feel like doing it myself, I don't have to. The Minox III is evensmaller, as it has no meter. Looks just like the "B" except remove the meter on the end. Makes for an even smaller pocketable Minox. One book on Minox actually shows a woman wearing one as a earring!!

My Submini Photos

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