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Edsel Owners Club Inc. If you're looking for a TON of Edsel info, you'll find it here!

International Edsel Club. Stop by and visit the Worlds Largest Edsel organization!

Alans Edsel Page Alans Edsel Meeting Place

Dan Crossman has a great Edsel site with TONS of photos and lots more!

Betthauser Racing Always a thrill to ad an Edsel racing site!

1958 Edsel Home Page Great collection of vintage Edsel magazine reviews & more

Smith Motor Company-Your Edsel Dealer!

Andrea 'Enthals Edsel Page "How I spent My Summer Vacation In Hell" (in a 1960 Edsel)

The "Edsel Pages" at has a LOT of GREAT information (and NO politics)

Virginia/Maryland Chapter of the EOC/IEC

Gilmore Edsel Sales The greatest gathering of Edsel Memorabilia for sale EVER!!

Hugh Lesley's Lemon Grove The worlds LARGEST Edsel Collection

Robert English See and read about the Edsel Ranchero he built a few years ago!

Edsel World Show Cars Robert Mayer The Last Edsel Dealer. Plenty of Parts and Cars for sale

Edsel with Hydrangeas-It's an Edsel watercolor painting you can buy from the artist!


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