Not quite as good as a secret decoder ring, but close! We have specs for 1958 and 1959 so far, and will be putting up the 1960 information soon. Comments or corrections to the Hepcat or his web-guy

(Patent Plate Example)
vin example
Serial Number
First Line - W8UG709855
Second    BODY    COLOR    TRIM    DATE    TRANS.    AXLE
Line 63A GEE M 30H 4 A
63A = Model and Body Type (Ranger 2 Door Hardtop)

GEE = Body and Roof Exterior Color (Horizon Blue and Frost White)

M = Interior Trim (White Vinyl and Blue Cloth)

30H = Day of the Month (30th of August)

4 = Transmission (Push Button Automatic)

A = Axle Ratio (2.91 to 1)

Model and Body Type Codes
Code Model Body Type Code Model Body Type
64A Ranger 2 Dr. sedan 57B Pacer 4 Dr. Hardtop
58A Ranger 4 Dr. Sedan 76B Pacer 2 Dr. Convertible
63A Ranger 2 Dr. Hardtop 79D Pacer 4 Dr. Station Wagon 6 Pass.
57A Ranger 4 Dr. Hardtop 79B Pacer 4 Dr. Station Wagon 9 Pass.
59A Ranger 2 Dr. Station Wagon 6 Pass 63A Corsair 2 Dr. Hardtop
79C Ranger 4 Dr. Station Wagon 6 Pass. 57A Corsair 4 Dr. Hardtop
79A Ranger 4 Dr. Station Wagon 9 Pass, 63B Citation 2 Dr. Hardtop
58B Pacer 4 Dr. Sedan 57B Citation 4 Dr. Hardtop
63B Pacer 2 Dr. Hardtop 76B Citation 2 Dr. Convertible

Exterior Color Codes
A Jet Black K Spring Green
B Silver Grey Metallic L Spruce Green Metallic
C Ember Red M Charcoal Brown Metallic
D Turquoise N Driftwood
E Frost White Q Jonquil Yellow
F Powder Blue R Sunset Coral
G Horizon Blue T Chalk Pink
H Royal Blue Metallic U Copper Metallic
J Ice Green X Gold Metallic

Interior Trim Codes
Ranger 2 & 4 Door Sedans Pacer 4 Door Station Wagons
C Gray Cloth & Black Cloth AS Green Vinyl & Green Vinyl
A Green Cloth & Green Cloth AT Blue Vinyl & Blue Vinyl
B Blue Cloth & Blue Cloth AU Driftwood Vinyl & Brown Saran
Ranger 2 & 4 Door Hardtops AV White Vinyl & Turquoise
N White Vinyl & Black Cloth AJ White Vinyl & Coral Vinyl
K White Vinyl & Green Cloth Corsair 2 & 4 Door Hardtop
M White Vinyl & Blue Cloth D Green Vinyl & Green Cloth
Ranger 2 & 4 Door Station Wagons B Blue Vinyl & Blue Cloth
BC Black Vinyl & Golden Beige Cloth X Gray Vinyl & Red Cloth
BA White Vinyl & Green Vinyl C White Vinyl & Turquoise Cloth
BB White Vinyl & Blue Vinyl E White Vinyl & Gold Cloth
BD Red Vinyl & Golden Beige Cloth Y White Vinyl & Copper Cloth
Pacer 4 Door Sedan Citation 2 & 4 Door Hardtops
E Green Cloth & Green Cloth AA Black Vinyl & Gray Cloth
F Blue Cloth & Blue Cloth K Green Vinyl & Green Cloth
D Brown Cloth & Brown Cloth H Blue Vinyl & Blue Cloth
Pacer 2 & 4 Door Hardtops Z Pink Vinyl & Brown Cloth
T Green Vinyl & Green Cloth J White Vinyl & Turquoise Cloth
V Blue Vinyl & Blue Cloth L White Vinyl & Gold Cloth
AX White Vinyl & Red Cloth AB White Vinyl & Copper Cloth
R White Vinyl & Brown Cloth Citation 2 Door Convertible
AY White Vinyl & Turquoise Cloth AD Red Vinyl & White Vinyl
S White Vinyl & Coral Cloth AC Brown Vinyl & Pink Vinyl
Pacer 2 Door Convertible S Turquoise Vinyl & White Vinyl
AN White Vinyl & Black Cloth T Gold Vinyl & White Vinyl
AZ White Vinyl & Red Vinyl AE Copper Vinyl & White Vinyl
AV White Vinyl & Turquoise Vinyl
AJ White Vinyl & Coral Vinyl

Production Date Codes
A January G July
B February H August
C March J September
D April K October
E May L November
F June M December
Days of the Month 01 through 31

Transmission and Axle Codes
CodeType of TransmissionCodeAxle Ratio
1 Standard A 2.91 to 1
2 Overdrive B 3.22 to 1
3 Automatic - Lever C 3.70 to 1
4 Automatic - Push Button D 3.89 to 1
5 Automatic - Dual Range

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