Not quite as good as a secret decoder ring, but close! We have specs for 1958 and 1959 so far, and will be putting up the 1960 information soon. Comments or corrections to the Hepcat or his web-guy

(Special thanks to Terry Nichols for the info on the 59's!)

(Patent Plate Example)
vin example
Serial Number - W9UW708176
W = Motor (361 cid V8 w/ 4 bbl carb.)

9 = Model Year (1959)

U = Assembly Plant (*Louisville, Ky.)

W = Model(Corsair 2 dr. hardtop)

708176 = Car Number (the 8,176th Edsel built at Louisville)

*This was the only plant for the Edsel by '59.

63B = Model and Body Type (Corsair 2 door hardtop)

KE2 = Body and Roof Exterior Color (Platinum Gray Metallic Body/ Snow White roof and insert)

39 = Interior Trim (Redwood vinyl and Reception cloth)

16L = Day of the Month (November 16th, 1958)

= Transmission (This transmission space was left blank, which means it came with overdrive)

4 = Axle Ratio (3.89 rear axle)

Model and Body Type Codes
Code Model Body Type Code Model Body Type
64C Ranger 2 Dr. sedan 58B Corsair 4 Dr. Sedan
58D Ranger 4 Dr. Sedan 63B Corsair 2 Dr. Hardtop
63F Ranger 2 Dr. Hardtop 57B Corsair 4 Dr. Hardtop
57F Ranger 4 Dr. Hardtop 76E Corsair Convertible
71E Villager 4 Dr. Station Wagon 6 Pass. 71F Villager 4 Dr. Station Wagon 9 Pass.

Exterior Color Codes
A Jet Black K Platinum Gray Metallic
B Moonrise Gray L Star Blue Metallic
C Gold Metallic M Jet Stream Blue
D Redwood Metallic N Light Aqua
E Snow White P Blue Aqua
F President Red Q Petal Yellow
G Talisman Red (Pink) R Mist Green
H Desert Tan S Jadeglint Green Metallic
J Velvet Maroon

Interior Trim Codes
Villager Corsair Convertible
30 Tu-tone Green Vinyl And Gold Puff Cloth 41 Gold/White Vinyl
31 White/Red Vinyl And Gold Puff Cloth 43 Black/White/Silver Vinyl
32 Buff/White Vinyl And Straw Vinyl 44 Black/Red Vinyl
52 Tu-tone Blue Vinyl And Gold Puff Cloth Corsair
Ranger 38 Aqua Vinyl And Reception Cloth
23 Tu-tone Green Vinyl And Signet Cloth 39 Redwood Vinyl And Reception Cloth
24 Tu-tone Blue Vinyl And Signet Cloth 40 Gold Vinyl And Black Reception Cloth
25 White And Buff Vinyl And Gold Puff Cloth 51 Black Vinyl And Reception Cloth
50 Silver And Black Vinyl With Black *Surf Cloth 54 Blue Vinyl And Reception Cloth
53 Green Vinyl & Reception Cloth
*Surf cloth was a leftover from '58 Edsels. In Jan. '59 a 4-pointed star cloth used in '57 Mercs was used until March, '59. The trim code was then changed to 51. In May, the cloth was changed back to black signet cloth.

Production Date Codes
A January, 1959 G July, 1959
B February, 1959 H August, 1959
C March, 1959 J September, 1958,9
D April, 1959 K October, 1958
E May, 1959 L November, 1958
F June, 1959 M December, 1958
Days of the Month 01 through 31

Axle Ratio Codes & Engine Codes
1 3.10 A Ranger 223 cid inline 6 cyl
2 3.56 C Ranger 292 cid V8
3 3.70 B Ranger/Corsair 332 cid V8
(std. for Corsairs, optional for Rangers)
4 3.89 W 361 cid V8 (optional for all)
5 2.91
6 2.69

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